Armadio Box 12 litri per disinfezione UV-C (NLUVBOX12L) [prodotto disponibile]

Armadio Box 12 litri per disinfezione UV-C (NLUVBOX12L) [prodotto disponibile]


La serie NLUVBOX è un insieme di armadi germicidi per la disinfezione o il mantenimento della sterilità di diversi tipi di strumenti grazie al potere dei raggi UV-C. Può essere utilizzato in diversi campi come laboratori medico / chirurgici, laboratori chimici o biologici, industria alimentare, saloni di bellezza, macellerie, ecc.


La serie NLUVBOX è un insieme di armadi germicidi per la disinfezione o il mantenimento della sterilità di diversi tipi di strumenti grazie al potere dei raggi UV-C. Può essere utilizzato in diversi campi come laboratori medico / chirurgici, laboratori chimici o biologici, industria alimentare, saloni di bellezza, macellerie, ecc.
Il cabinet è dotato di 2 emettitori UV da 8W, protette da una griglia in acciaio inox per evitare colpi e danneggiamenti. In particolare, i raggi UV-C hanno un forte effetto germicida e sono più efficaci a una lunghezza d’onda di 253,7 nm.
L’effetto germicida della radiazione UV-C si estende a batteri, virus, spore di muffe, funghi, muffe e acari. Inoltre, poiché il processo non è chimico ma bensì fisico, non c’è pericolo né di creare forme di resistenza nel tempo, né di contaminare gli alimenti o l’ambiente.
Le porte in acciaio inox hanno una finestra in policarbonato trasparente anti UV.
La scatola è inoltre dotata di due controlli: timer e selezione sopra/sotto o entrambi. Il tempo di irraggiamento può essere regolato a seconda degli oggetti introdotti.

Modello apparecchio: NLUVBOX12L
Alimentazione: 220V/50Hz
Potenza emettitori: 2x8W
Lunghezza d’onda UV: UV-C 253,7nm
Capacità interna: 12 litri
Misure: 345*220*200 mm
Perdita UV esterna (uW/cm2): 0.
Varie: Selettore sopra/sotto/entrambi
: Sistema di sicurezza (Spegnimento in caso di apertura)
: Timer regolabile 0-60 minuti
Temperatura di esercizio: 0°C <–> 65°C
Certificati/norme: CE – RoHS – LVD – EMC – FDA – FCC
: EN60335-2-15/EN60335-1/ISO9001:2015

The NLUVBOX series is a set of germicidal cabinets for the disinfection or maintenance of sterility of different types of instruments thanks to the power of UV-C rays. It can be used in different fields such as medical / surgical labs, chemical or biological labs, food industry, beauty salons, butchers, etc.
The cabinet is equipped with 12W UV lamps, protected by a stainless steel grid to avoid blows and damage. In particular, UV-C rays have a strong germicidal effect and are most effective at a wavelength of 253.7 nm.
The germicidal effect of UV-C radiation extends to bacteria, viruses, mold spores, fungi, molds and mites. Furthermore, since the process is not chemical but physical, there is no danger of creating forms of resistance over time, nor of contaminating food or the environment.
The stainless steel doors have a clear UV-resistant polycarbonate window and have a position switch to turn off the UV lamps when the doors are open.
The box is also equipped with a control panel equipped with an on / off switch and timer. The irradiation time can be adjusted according to the objects introduced.

The use of the cabinet is perfect when you need constant access to sterile equipment and instruments.
It also offers the possibility of storing compounds and preparations from microbiological laboratories in disinfected containers, therefore free of microbes that cause premature deterioration and contamination.
The cabinet works to direct the radiation of UV-C rays towards objects contained within it and is also equipped with an internal UV-C reflective coating, which eliminates shadow areas. This produces a very short exposure time to achieve 99.9% sterilization. For example, in 4 minutes, a 99% reduction of the microbial load is obtained for bacteria such as Bacillus, Coli, Clostridium, Legionella, Vibrio, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, etc.
The use of this equipment does not create contraindications for the staff as it is made of STAINLESS STEEL and the inspection window is made of specific anti-UV material (LEXAN®).

Power supply via electronic ballasts is essential when rapid lamp operation and frequent switching on are required. After placing the objects on the appropriate supports and closing the cabinet door, UV radiation can begin
The switching on / off of the UV-C lamps is controlled by a programmable cycle of pause intervals / working time. You can decide the duration of irradiation and the pause interval between two successive work periods.
Each time the door is closed, the UV lamps turn on and start disinfecting the interior spaces and surfaces. This will last for the entire scheduled work time; any opening of the door, during the disinfection action, will immediately turn off the lamps, in order to guarantee the safety of the personnel; if you close the door, a new disinfection action will start from the beginning. At the end of the working period the lamps will turn off automatically. At the end of the pause period, the lamps will automatically turn on. This sequence allows to maintain aseptic conditions even over time.
The duration of the working time and the pause time can be manually adjusted before starting the treatment.

a) PHYSICAL ACTION AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. The treatment with UV-C rays is purely physical and always achieves the same effect; moreover there are no overdose problems and the rooms are always safe and usable (when the devices are off). Rather, many chemical treatment methods involve the use of environmentally hazardous products that are difficult to biodegrade, as well as the risk of food contamination. Furthermore, the use of chemicals is likely to develop resistant microbial forms resulting in a danger to human health.
b) IMMEDIATE EFFECT. It takes a very short time to obtain effective results (killing 99% of bacteria).
c) PRACTICABILITY AND SAVINGS. The treatment is immediate and ready to use. Maintenance is minimal with low energy consumption and repair costs.
d) NO CONTRAINDICATIONS FOR EQUIPMENT TO BE TREATED. This device provides the ability to maintain sterile equipment, without the slightest contraindication. The equipment to be disinfected, or previously sterilized, can be stored for a long time and are ready at any time, since the treatment is dry and without heat generation.
e) TOTAL SECURITY. Ultraviolet rays are confined inside the casing and cannot escape due to the presence of UV-resistant polycarbonate (LEXAN ®) and the presence of microswitches that prevent UV radiation when the door is open. Therefore, it can handle the instruments in the presence of the operators.

Lamp model: NLUVBOX38L
Power supply: 12V / 2A 15W
Lamp power: 12W
UV wavelength: UV-C 253.7nm
Internal capacity: 38 liters
Internal measurements: 370 * 295 * 295mm
External measurements: 420 * 370 * 380mm
Packaging dimensions: 470 * 425 * 470 mm
Net weight: 8 Kg.
Gross weight with packaging: 8.7 Kg.
Miscellaneous: Safety door switch
: Transparent UV absorbing window
: Adjustable timer 0-60 minutes
: pause after two consecutive irradiations
Construction material: AISI 410, AISI 201 stainless steel
Tube type: Selective high efficiency pure quartz tube
Operating temperature: 0 ° C <–> 65 ° C
Certificates / standards: CE – RoHS – LVD – EMC – FDA – FCC
: EN60335-2-15 / EN60335-1 / ISO9001: 2015

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